Cycle Touring in New Zealand

Information for Bicycle Tourists

This site is designed to be a free guide to cyclists wishing to tour this country and offers a personal view of the places I have visited during my touring and some recommendations of the best scenery and interesting locations I have found.

Why Tour New Zealand?

Because it is unique, relatively inexpensive and beautiful. Where to go is mostly determined by time. Three weeks? Head to the South Island. Highlights are seal colonies, a rail trail in Central Otago, lakes, mountains and a clean environment. There are great beaches and long, isolated and pristine coastlines.

With a small population of friendly people and excellent public services, relative to the rest of the world New Zealand is probably one of the safest places on the globe to explore by bike.

New Zealand has a temperate maritime climate with mostly sunny weather from December to April. Sub-tropical in the north to moderate in the far south and a total area of around 166,940 square kilometres. New Zealand is approximately 1600 kilometres in length. There are no snakes, no bugs, no giant spiders... it's just beautiful.

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